01 Feb

Drug Addiction

Methamphetamine, perhaps the most potent and lethal drug the world has ever seen, is destroying families at a very fast pace. Manufactured in backyard make shift labs by individuals often referred to as “Meth Cooks” the drug has a market value of $28 Billion.

Methamphetamine is a very strong stimulant and intensifies wakefulness and physical activity. High levels of neurotransmitter dopamine into areas of the brain that controls pleasure are the actual after effects of rush that results from the dose. Large amounts of dopamine released as a result of long term abuse damages the nerve terminals in the brain.

Chronic Methamphetamine abuse can damage blood vessels and skin abscesses. Inflammation of the heart lining may occur with individual injecting the drug. Violent behavior, intense paranoia, confusion, anxiety and insomnia are some other after affects.

For many crystal meth addicts, the prospect of quitting the drug can be daunting or even terrifying – but don’t worry, there is hope. We at Brunen Clinic will help you break the shackles. We will provide you with all the medication to overcome the addiction of not just crystal meth but any drug. For once you can experience true mental wellness, instead of a chemical induced “feeling of well-being”.